date: 2013-2014 & beyond...
text & photo depiction of the life of T. Batniji
San Marino, Menlo Park, Newport Beach
"I hope you enjoy the site I spent some good effort
to try to make it a fun experience" -Tarek (3 of 6 of Tarek Batniji Web-ring)
GO CAPTAIN!!! Please don't ask me to tell you where that saying comes from because one would literally have to travel back to the source of human existence to find out about that one!  Okay.. It's true I am always at odds against Dracula, the Red Skull, the Red King and whoever\whatever is against the idea of free human existence..  But let's look at one of the things I seem to approve of very much... that is.. Christmas Time!!  -just look at some of these fabulous pictures of Christmas past:  Other favorite times of year include Halloween and the Fourth of July...  What sort of Halloween you say? I like the festival style of Halloween with dry ice vapor, good-witches brew, traditional goblins, and maybe a Frankenstein plus bride of Frankenstein.  (I think I just described the childrens' version that adults are somehow able to enjoy as well)  For the fourth of July I seem always to feel right at home in Newport and I'm very happy to see many people enjoying "safe and sane" fireworks all along the beach..  Let's not tighten the security too much because remember we live in the land of the free and home of the brave!  -Tarek Batniji (the official song for my transformation into Cap America is "too fast for love" as performed by Motley Crue).. 

From top left: Tarek Batniji with the newest addition to the Batniji clan.. Welcome (my newest nephew) baby Kams Batniji "Baby K"!!! From top right: A photo of myself next to "back-to-back" first place championship trophies earned from my days playing "Colt League Baseball" in my hometown of San Marino CA.  In total I've played eleven years of organized baseball from little league all the way until my final year in high school -once placing second in farm league, as league champions freshmen year, and league champions plus CIF-finalist in my final year of high school.  San Marino was not only one of Californias' most outstanding academic schools.. it was likewise very strong in sports i.e. football, baseball and funny enough we had a very strong drama department as well...  From bottom left: a photo of myself next to my high school diploma, college diploma, and college certificate for serving as "academic Student Body President" during my third year in college.  From bottom right: a photo with my lettermans' jacket complete with CIF Finalist badge for Varsity football in my third year as well as two CIF Finalist medals for Football and Baseball respectively.  (junior and final year respectively)... Please notice the nice flowers in the background of every picture.  With best regards,  -Tarek Batniji
Did you enjoy my artwork? This artwork is very significant it comes from a series of 45-original Tarek Batniji artworks entitled: "Computer Generated Stained Glass" and then there is a following series of 45 additional artworks entitled "Computer Generated Stained Glass - Solar Intensity Series" ... the six pieces you see here are : from top left : #29 CGSG-"blue base with purple floaters" --- #31 CGSG- "descending stairs" --- #4 Solar Intensity Series "solar high point" : from bottom left : #34 CGSG- "allied colors" --- #32 Solar Intensity Series "sun-bright colors" --- #40 Solar Intensity Series "glass triangle"
the entire web-ring is actually an artistic presentation:
in addition to the variety of artworks, articles, ancedotes, & photo display ...the TKB web-ring represents a brand of Internet-philosophy...  -some artists are paid in excess of $200,000 & $300,000 for one art piece!  ...here on the TKB web-ring I've displayed over ninety original artworks of my own!!  So go ahead and donate for artist appreciation or simply to "help keep the Internet a fun & free place"  This web-ring will continue to increase in size & influence with the growing amount of contributions\donations recieved...
this web-page was brought to you by the following extinct dinosaur: brontosaurus......
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